Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire youths to become positive, successful role models and helping to make their dreams a reality by allowing them to express themselves freely through Dance, Music, and Arts.

Xtreme Talent School of Arts will provide beginner, intermediate and professional classes in Dance, Drama, Voice, Music, and Modeling Classes, at competitive prices for children 2 years to 18 years of age. We here at Xtreme Talent School of Arts, Inc. make it possible for students to attend regardless of their financial status. Our policy is:

  1. to open doors for every child, giving them a chance to succeed and live out their dreams.
  2. to provide our services to those individuals who live within a thirty-mile or less radius of the school, but primarily target the youths in the community; and
  3. to provide services to meet the needs of parents who desire to put their children in a fun, positive, and recreational curriculum.

This has all been proven with Ms. Coffee’s School Of Arts in Mississippi. Many of her former students currently have college degrees majoring in either music, arts and/or dance. Remarkably, some are now professional dance and music instructors teaching at schools and dance teams!